Anyone who has taken up cross stitch becomes instantly addicted. Seriously! Something about that therapeutic X pattern threaded over and over again. And the best part! Its easy enough for your kiddos to do it too! When the idea to modernize the standard cross stitch was spoken about in The Skinny's office, we came up with this [...]

[GATHER] with The Skinny: Our First Event

[GATHER] with The Skinny: Our First Event

Well almost two weeks after the event I’m still buzzing from Shop The Skinny’s first Gather event. On January 29th as Erinn, Chelsea and I were running around hanging decor, placing food and getting our craft and play stations ready I couldn’t help but think to myself “man, this is such a cool idea”. The [...]

crafting with grown ups: SCANDI INSPIRED WREATH

Yep, we make things just for us mamas + papas too! This minimalist Scandinavian Inspired Wreath stems deep within my scandi roots! Being swedish I tend to gravitate towards clean lines, natural materials like wood + greenery, and anything white! Thus this super simple wreath was born! Hope you enjoy it for years to come. [...]

crafting with kids: MODERN MARBLED TREES

Today's share is all about spending from QT with your kiddos! And what better way is there than having a fun crafting session, especially over the holidays? Not much in our books (well, other than baking + eating. Baking + eating is pretty great too...but that's for another video 😉 ha!) Another thing that we're all [...]