MAKE: Splatter Wrapping Paper

Well we’re ten days from Christmas, have you wrapped your presents yet? If not, we’ve got a fun DIY that’s perfect for the whole family. All you need is craft paper, a few paint colors of your choice and a paintbrush…


We’re all for modern holiday decor and our wrapping paper is no different. So, this splatter paper is perfect! It’s so simple, totally kid friendly and looks fabulous (if we do say so ourselves!) 😉

To make this wrapping paper you’ll want to begin by laying out the paper flat on a surface that is okay to get a bit messy. We’d suggest either doing this out in the garage or else lay out out a bunch of newspaper or garbage bags to protect your floor or surface. Once you’ve covered the area and laid out the paper – it’s time for the fun part!

Pour your acrylic paint into a few bowls then dip your paintbrush into one color and wave the brush above the paper, splattering the color onto the surface. Have fun with it but be careful – it can get a bit messy! We splattered our paper in the black paint first, finished with that color completely then moved onto the white. We then allowed the paper to dry overnight and when we were done, we had the coolest modern wrapping paper! We love it – what do you think?!


Thank you to Lisette Leblanc for the beautiful photos and Sarasota Homes for letting us use your beautiful home for our photos!

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