Yep. We’re onto round 2 of our mini series featuring Sharpie Art! This time we have a fun 2-in-1 DIY that you can do on your own or with your littles, too!! A FACE POT!!

We’ve created an adorable Face Pot that can be used in so many ways! For your morning bowl of cereal [or ice cream! we won’t judge ;)] as well as you could turn your Face Pot into a cheeky planter! 20190420_LBP_142420190420_LBP_3111Materials ||

  • Sharpie Markers [we used the black + red colours]
  • Ceramic Bowl/Mug (try to find a ceramic bowl/cup as cheap as possible. The thicker the glaze (usually more expensive) the harder it is for the sharper to “bake”
  • Oven

20190420_LBP_1425Directions ||

1] Start with a clean bowl that has been washed + dried well.

2] Using your sharper marker, draw your design on the mug/bowl. Let that design dry, then trace over the design again. This helps to make sure your marker colour stays as strong as possible.20190420_LBP_139020190420_LBP_140220190420_LBP_14303] After tracing over your design twice, allow the finished design to COMPLETELY Dry before placing in the oven.

4] Place mug/bowl on a baking sheet and place in oven. Now turn on your oven to 425F , allowing the mug/bowl to warm up with the oven.20190420_LBP_14645] Bake for 30 mins. Once baking is complete, allow the mug to cool down with the oven, too!

6] And you’re done! Voila! Morning cereal [or adorable face pot planter] complete!

20190420_LBP_308220190420_LBP_3110[but to be honest, the ideas don’t end there! we’ve used ours as a pen + pencil holder, a hanging planter, a makeup brush holder…..]

**Reminder for Important Tips! We know that sharpie art is simple, but there are a few tips that keep your creation in top form!

  • Use a cheap mug or bowl (you want a thin glaze!)
  • Make sure you trace over your sharpie design twice! Make it as dark as possible to avoid fading
  • Allow your mug/bowl to heat up with the oven + cool down in the oven
  • Bake hot
  • Wash on top rack or hand wash

Clothing Worn || On Danielle: The Amelia Jumpsuit || The Audrey Top || On Erinn: The Marisa Top

Photos || Leslie Brown Photography

Home || Rohit Communities

You can find our other sharper art diy creations here: Big Sis Lil Sis Hats.



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