MAKE: Holiday Ornaments, Two Ways

Can you believe how quickly Christmas is approaching?! We love adding festive touches to our homes all throughout the month of December and today we’re sharing two great craft ideas to whip up with the family. They’re simple and modern and totally family friendly, and a great way to add a modern touch of Christmas cheer to your tree!

Our first look is a bit more rugged, masculine and modern. Using leather rope or twine that you can pick up at any craft store, we’re showing a few ways to make modern leather Christmas ornaments. All you need in addition to the leather rope are clear plastic ornaments and a glue gun!


For a really simple and very (young) kid friendly DIY, take a bit of the leather rope and loop it inside the ornament. Top with the ornament topper and voila! For a bit of a more advanced DIY, wrap the leather outside the ornament and secure with a hot glue gun (Parents you might want to help with this part!)

Wrap the leather tight all the way around to make a thick band or, get a little abstract. The design possibilities are endless so have fun with it!


Special thanks to Leslie Brown for the photos and Sarasota homes for allowing us to shoot in your beautiful space!

Our models are wearing The Mamacita V-Neck Shirt & The Super Power Shirt 


Our next modern Christmas ornament DIY is a bit more scandinavian and minimalist inspired. Inspired by our DIY candle holders, we wanted to show an ornament that would look stunning on a non-traditional tree (such as a white or wooden tree) or used as decor throughout your modern home!

IMG_2416This DIY is great for the kids as it is SO simple and takes only a few minutes. All you need are your clear ornaments and fresh greenery (don’t use dried, it will chip and break when you try to use it). We love the look of spruce or cedar clippings and eucalyptus for this one but use whatever you have available! All you need to do is snip a few leaves off, place them inside the ornament and put the top back on. How simple is that?!


Special thanks to Lisette Leblanc for these photos and to Sarasota Homes for allowing us to shoot in your beautiful space!

Our models are wearing: The Little Monica Jacket Dress // The Loves Pizza Long Sleeve Shirt

Which of these ornaments do you like best?

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