[GATHER]: Market Edition + Some BIG News!

It’s been quite the summer over at Shop The Skinny and we can’t believe just how quickly it’s flying by. We’ve been busy at our pop up location at Kingsway Mall, we hosted an incredible Gather event (our favourite yet!) and, we’re getting ready to move!

Now I know some of you might be wondering why we’re moving yet again but for those who didn’t know, our stay at Kingsway Mall was just a pop-up! We were so happy that Kingsway Mall opened it’s doors to a small business like us to give us a chance to play with the big boys but our pop-up term is almost up so we’re gearing up to say goodbye.

Kingsway Mall has been such an incredible host to us and they’ve really shown us the most incredible hospitality and as a last hurrah, we wanted to host a great Gather event as an early sendoff before moving shop to our forever home and taking a break from Gather for the busy months of August and September.

We had an amazing modern market set up with our attendees starting off by personalizing their own market tote bags before heading out to fill them up with goodies from the mall! We noshed on amazing snacks food, crafted away, hit up the temporary tattoo bar and then the market scavenger hunt began!

Canned Goods Photos took some great shots of the event and make sure to take a second to check out everyone who helped us out with this event, it would not have been as amazing without every one of our generous sponsors. And of course, a huge thank you to Kingsway Mall for their assistance with this event and their encouragement, kindness and incredible support throughout our stay!

We’ll be at our Kingsway Mall location until August 29 and stay tuned for news about our new shop and our 3rd birthday party plans!





One thought on “[GATHER]: Market Edition + Some BIG News!

  1. It was such a wonderful event! Sad that you’ll be leaving Kingsway but looking forward to seeing you in your new location and at the next gather event!!

    – Love The Mitchell gals ❤️


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