Dear Santa, Define Naughty – Free Holiday Printable

It’s officially December, and if you haven’t already ‘decked the halls’ and begun using Santa’s arrival as a parenting technique now is officially the time! With that being said, we created this cheeky print just for you! We might be a little biased, but we don’t think it would look all that bad next to an Elf on the Shelf. 


*These files will be good quality to print any size up to 24″ X 36″

Tip for printing poster size: At Staples you can get Engineer Prints rather than an actual “Poster” if you are printing in black & white. These prints cost around $4 for a 24×36 print (smaller sizes are also available). This is what we did.

Frames: We purchased one 24 X 36  frames at IKEA, as they have a great selection of  poster frames.

If you post any photos of your print, be sure to tag us! We’d love to see how you display it in your home.

Photo by Etoroma Creative.


5 thoughts on “Dear Santa, Define Naughty – Free Holiday Printable

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