Who we are ||

The Skinny is a lifestyle shop. A brand. A LIFESTYLE BRAND, if we may!

We are comprised of a small [but mighty!] group who contribute to this blog. We hope to bring pleasure to every aspect of your life in some way, from cooking, fashion, diy, decor, play and collaborations. This is our place to have fun, so lets do that shall we!

Meet the blog contributors:

TBD || Our Community PR Manager. The gal you speak to about sharing ideas + working together! ______ is here to make things happen, not only for us but for you, too! She’s all about community. She’s all about growth. She’s a mover + a shaker, and invaluable to our team. She also moonlights on every photoshoot assisting with the creative decor styling, creating content for this blog, organizing our social media team, as well as assisting this space to flow.

Andrea || Yep, she’s that Andrea. The amazing photographer, diy’er, mother of three stylish kiddos, and just one stylish lady herself! We named a skirt after her daughter [The Lila Skirt, in case you were wondering], and we truly can’t wait to see what she comes up with each month styling + photographing our DRESSING WITH KIDS section!

Erinn || Owner + Operator. Designer + Shipper + Manager + Instagrammer + Buyer + Stylist + the Lady with many [many!] hats. Mother of three boys, which includes twins. She manages behind the scenes mostly, but you can often find her working the shop ‘floors’, as well. Always working + never sleeping.


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