MAKE: Mudcloth Pumpkin DIY

With Halloween fast approaching today we’re sharing a modern take on everyone’s favourite seasonal decoration – pumpkins! Jack-O-Lanterns are great and all but these no-carve pumpkins are stylish, modern and SO simple – no knives required. This easy DIY is kid friendly, quick and requires minimal mess/clean up!


Pumpkins (the mini white ones work really well for this)

Sharpies (grab a few and if possible, make sure they’re new, they work best)


Start with clean, dry pumpkins and your fresh sharpies ready to go. Begin by determining the pattern you want to draw on your pumpkin. We scrolled through Pinterest and searched ‘mud cloth’ to get inspiration but have fun with it! These don’t have to be perfect. Start drawing away allowing for a few seconds to try before working your way around the pumpkin to avoid smudging.

That’s it! So simple, right?! What do you think of ours?


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