You’ve probably seen these insanely cute graphic hats popping up all over instagram, pinterest and beyond. However, some come with a pretty hefty price tag! A price tag we don’t especially love when dealing with kiddos (hey! we get it! Kids tend to loose things like hats all the time!). So we took pricey hat inspo and created our 3rd instalment of our Sharpie Art Series [check out 1 + 2 here].

We went back to our trusty ol’ drawing board (quite literally!) and created this adorable hat for your little one to wear on that much anticipated last day of school!! And at $3 total completed, this is one Sharpie Art DIY you’ll want to get behind 😉

*we also think she’ll be wearing this well into the summer, too!20190420_LBP_198120190420_LBP_1890Materials ||

  • Hat [we got ours from the Dollarstore and just removed the tacky decals that came with it!]
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Pencil
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Tape

20190420_LBP_188020190420_LBP_1933Directions ||

1] Find a great script or handwriting example off the internet, or if you’re really crafty you can free hand the “School’s Out” and make it totally your own. With your pencil, draw out your wording lightly right onto your hat.

2] Now take your sharpie marker and trace right over your pencil wording. I went over ours 3 x to make sure the wording was nice + dark and that no pencil was showing. Let dry a few minutes.

3] Ok, now it’s time to make your ribbon braid that goes around your brim [OR you can forgo the braiding portion and use a simple thick ribbon].

  • Grab your ribbon and measure the width of your hat, adding 3 inches in length to the end. Cut. Allowing the extra length will allot for a tied bow or the extra that will be needed to braid the ribbon. If you are braiding your ribbon, cut the exact length for x 3 pieces of ribbon.
  • Tie a knot in one end of the 3 pieces of ribbon, then tape the tied pieces to a table.  This will keep the ribbon tight while you braid the 3 pieces together. Tie each end nice and tight.

4] Now wrap ribbon around your hat brim and secure however you’d like.20190420_LBP_202620190420_LBP_2036My sweet niece, Hannah wearing The Veronica Denim Dress.

Photos || Leslie Brown Photography with a stunning Rohit Communities Showhome (that WALLPAPER!!!).



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