St. Patrick’s Day : Papa Pat’s Irish Coffee Recipe!

St. Patrick’s Day is a day meant to commemorate the culture and heritage if the Irish! To celebrate, we’d like to share with you a delicious family recipe for authentic Irish Coffee gifted to us by one of our very own! Read all about Patrick’s story below!

Whether you are celebrating St. Patrick’s day with your close ones or on your own – we hope you can enjoy this innovative coffee delicacy!

🍀Papa Pierse’s Irish Coffee 🍀:

What you’ll need:
  • a kettle
  • however many glasses you need for company, plus 1 or 2 extra
  • brown sugar
  • coffee
  • whiskey of your choice!
  • whipped cream
The Steps:
  1. Turn the kettle on
  2. Have all of your glasses ready, plus 1 or 2 extra to pour the extra water into
  3. Once the kettle is boiled, pour the water into the glasses to heat them
  4. Afterwards, pour the water into the extra glasses so as to not waste the water. Now that your glasses are warmed up you can start to add your ingredients!
  5. Put 2 tea-spoonfuls of brown sugar in each glass
  6. Pour hot coffee into the glass about 3/4 full and stir. This is the last and only time you will stir, never stir again after this!
  7. Take your whiskey and pour about 2-3 cap-fulls into your glass of coffee
  8. Take your whipped cream and put a good table-spoonful or two on top
  9. Enjoy!!! 🍀🍀

Now, Let’s Meet Patrick!!

Patrick Pierse, the father of The Skinny team member Patricia Pierse, immigrated to Canada from Ireland in 1982 with his wife and their 3-month-old son. They were only meant to be in Canada for a year, but, given that there was no work in Ireland at the time, Patrick and his wife landed in Toronto where they lived in a run-down apartment, sleeping on the floor with their son in a bassinet beside them. There, he began working with sick children. Patrick is now a seasoned paediatrician with a beautiful family of 7 children. He and his wife live in Edmonton and enjoy the company of their many grandchildren whom he says are his pride and joy. He has been described by family as the “cutest man in the world”, loving, kind, and generous. Of course, it comes as no surprise that he offered up his patented (and authentic!) Irish Coffee recipe to share with The Skinny family!! Irish coffees are a Pierse family tradition. Whenever there is a visit from close company, a celebration of some kind (St. Patrick’s day or a wedding), Papa Pat treats the coterie with this delicious drink.

Photos: The Kindred Wolf featuring The Erinn Cardigan – Pine

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