Founder’s Five: Volume 1, Hey Hi!

Hey, Hi! It’s Erinn (that’s me, up there).

Frankly it took me a hot minute to remember how to write on here again, but it feels good to be back. I’ve missed writing, and sharing, and creating. I’ve missed thinking outside of my 9-to-5 day job (in case you’re new here that’s a clothing boutique I own called, The Skinny, named after my grandfather…but you can read all about that here). Most of all, I’ve missed interacting with you.

And it feels rather full circle, to be honest, as a blog is how The Skinny came to be, so yes. It feels good to dust off the old typing fingers.

So, Hi. You’re probably wondering why you’re here (amiright?). Well, my hope is to inspire, share, teach, and simply get more involved. I’m planning on personally writing a weekly Founder’s Five, which will feature snippets of fun, local events, style, finds, recipes, beauty, holiday features, and just cool things that I think you’ll get a kick out of. Sound fun? (because I hope you come back here often).

So without further ado, FOUNDER’S FIVE: Volume 1. A heavy St.Patrick’s Day nod, because you can’t post a comeback on the actual day and not feature something green or Irish….

  1. Authentic Irish Whiskey
  2. Charms special edition Ice Cream
  3. Aurora Vinyl. Get it here.
  4. Whiskey Kills Boredom. The only sweatshirt you need this spring. (And just restocked!)
  5. Irish Whiskey Burger. MUST TRY and such a fun twist on a irish meal for St.Patrick’s Day.



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