How to get the most out of Instagram in 2019

Just over one week ago we hosted our first ever Iconic Portrait Event and it was wonderful! We loved meeting you all + seeing Little Icons work her magic for your portraits. We couldn’t have done it without Cork Beard Wine Co., Henryk Branding Co. and Party and Confetti for contributing their wine, knowledge, and decor for the evening. ✨👏🏻
Speaking of which, we were so happy to have had Carina and Paige from Henryk Branding Co. in the shop to share their top five tips for getting the most out of Instagram in 2019! We enjoyed their presentation so much, we couldn’t resist sharing their tips + our takeaways with you.

Their suggestions:

  1. Be real! Know who your brand is and who it’s not, and then just be you!
  2. Be consistent in your brand’s voice, tone, timing, look, and feel.
  3. Find ways to engage your audience and be social.
  4. Produce captivating, valuable content your followers engage with.
  5. Maintain effective community and reputation management – always respond.

We couldn’t agree more with these tips! At The Skinny we believe being real and authentic is the way to go. Everything we post on social media is a reflection of who we are and the content we create is always catered towards who we had in mind when we created The Skinny.

One of the thoughts that Carina mentioned that stuck out is that, ‘there has been a societal shift in where people find community. Your audience wants to see value in your content and wants to be treated like an individual.’ We couldn’t agree with this more! We always want people to feel welcome to engage with us and the community we’re creating online.

Carina and Paige aren’t new to the thought that it’s HARD to come up with unique content! Thankfully, these girl’s have got our back. They created this list to help you generate a few new ideas:

  1. Tell a story – how did your brand start? What is the most interesting thing that happened in the business today? What was the biggest challenge when starting your business?
  2. Ask questions – what kind of content would your audience like to see from your brand? What does your audience love most about your brand? What do they think you could improve on?
  3. Be inspirational – what inspires your brand? What are some other brands you admire? What are some ways you get the creative juices flowing in your business?

We hope you found these tips useful for Instagram in 2019! Have a question or a tip of your own? Leave us a comment!


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