3 Fun Ways to Wrap Your Kid’s Gift

We said it best on our last post for our Honest Holiday Gift Tags, ‘Who says the gift has to be the best part of giving this holiday season when the wrapping could be just as great?’ That’s why we came up with 3 Fun ways to Wrap Your Kid’s Gift this holiday season!

1. Candy Bow

All you need is a wrapped gift, a bag of candy and a piece of tape! Pinch the bag of candy in the centre to create a bow and tape it down!

2. A Blank Canvas

Wrap your gift in white or Kraft paper and tape crayons to the box. This gives kids an opportunity to ‘play’ with their gift before you give them the go ahead to open it!

3. Toy or Figurine

Attach a small toy or figurine to the gift and draw a scene. We drew a road and tapped a car to the gift.

Photo by Etoroma Creative.

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