Women Worth Watching Feature

We’re thrilled to have been included in Brz Photography‘s Women Worth Watching series! Here’s a snippet from Erinn‘s interview + portrait session with Ang.

1)What is your business name & how did you come up with it?

The Skinny’ was actually something my husband came up with! It plays with the old saying, “What’s the skinny” or “Give me the skinny” on the 411, the scoop, etc….. and It’s something my grandfather always used to say, so an added touch of nostalgia for myself. I also wanted something catchy that you couldn’t forget, and I felt it would be a great conversation starter! Sort of like my impossible last name…..

2) What year did you start your business? 

We launched online in 2014. A month before my twins were born (Yes, I’m insane). We moved to our first small 350 sq ft. space downtown in the Mercer Building in 2015, and then I made the big move to the Malls about 1.5 years ago.

3) What was your dream job growing up?

I actually always wanted to be an actress! I used to do commercials when I was younger and the acting bug bite me hard. At the time, however, Canada wasn’t the easiest place to pursue that dream.

4) What lead you to your job today / what is your “why”?

My ‘why’ is 100% my 3 boys. I have a 6 year old and twin 4 year olds. When my oldest son was born, I realized I wanted a job that could allow me the freedom to enjoy being a present mama, but also keep me sane enough to have something creative to work on (I quickly figured out I’m not best at the Stay-at-home title, but truly believe it’s the hardest job there is!). So I created something! And that’s how The Skinny was born (I also ran a blog that was getting a little spotlight, which also helped catapult the online business for The Skinny rather quickly, too!)

The boys keep me busy, that’s for sure, but I also feel the luckiest woman in the world to be able to get up everyday and do what I do, while also being able to attend my son’s grade one field trips or be the person at school drop-offs/pickups.  I made this dream happen to support all that. I wanted time with my kids while they are young enough to still want me around and my previous employment was a more structured 9-5.

5) What characteristic(s) do you think set you apart from other people in your industry? 

Oh, tough question! Perhaps it’s my passion for the business. For always learning and taking calculated risks. I’m a self taught entrepreneur. I’m a self taught designer. A self taught marketer / accountant / shipper / exporter and overall business operator! As a small business you really do wear MANY hats! haha. I love to learn, mostly through trial + error. I get that from my grandpa. I believe in hard honest work, and I truly bust my ass to make things happen. I also heavily rely on thinking outside the box in tough situations and thrive on stress or deadlines. I think passion is contagious.



To read the rest, check out BRZ Photography‘s post.

One thought on “Women Worth Watching Feature

  1. You truly are an inspiration to many young moms!! You have worked so hard and believed in your dreams to make it happen! You have a lovely store filled with lovely goodies, both for kids and ladies! So very proud of you, Erinn, as your grandpa would have been too!!


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