DIY Holiday Door Mat

Still looking for a festive and fun way to decorate your front porch? Look no further! This DIY Holiday Door Mat is the simplest solution! Using a blank door mat, and a few simple supplies, you can easily decorate your front porch to welcome all those holiday guests!

To begin to make your own DIY Holiday Door Mat, gather these supplies:


To start your project, find a medium sized potato and cut it in half. Using a knife, carefully carve a tree shape on to the potato. Dip the potato in paint and stamp it on to the doormat as many times as you’d like,  pressing firmly. Because your door mat is so bristly, the paint may not stick well. Using the foam brush + paint, gently press it into the bristles of the mat to fill in the spots the potato may have missed.

Allow plenty of time to dry before placing it outside.


Photos by Etoroma Creative. Boots from Poppy Barley.



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