Anyone else have 362 articles of clothing but never know what to pair with what for maximum cuteness? We’ve decide to show you guys our Skinny 10/10 Challenge so you can see how we’d approach a minimal closet here in the shop. 10 pieces, 10 outfits and ten days to rock them all! We can promise you’ll never get so many compliments.IMG_8795.jpg

If you don’t already know what a 10/10 challenge is don’t panic or think we’re about to put you to work. It’s actually a super easy way to practice minimalism within the clothing you already own, and to show the versatility just a few pieces can actually have. It really helps to choose a couple of those “I love it, but have no where to wear it pieces”.
I chose my favourite 10 pieces from the shop, making sure to have all the staples! IE: pants, tank, cardigan, dress. Once i covered my bases then came the fun part, creating the outfits! With a little help and creativity from the girls in shop I came up with 10 unique and ready to wear anywhere outfits! Perfect for summer!
Here’s what I chose:
And because breaking the rules can always be a little fun we used a hat to help give the outfits a little extra something. You can always use a fun pair of shoes or jewelry to do the same!
When it came time to building all ten outfits i started to slow down after about 6-7. Thats when i needed a fresh set of eyes to find a couple outfit combos that i just couldn’t see. So don’t be shy and ask for help if needed! The girls in the shop helped me layer pieces that I would have never pictured would look so cute together, and they gave me the little extra confidence to rock that funky pattern. With that being said, the shop girls are ALWAYS around to help you build the perfect 10/10 closet for everyday outfit!
image2 copy
Everybody has a favourite, so I’ve saved mine for last! Also because finding a grid with 10 spots is a lot harder than you’d think! ha! HUGE thanks to our shop manager, Randee for graciously donating her time to try on all ten of my outfit picks! And by graciously donating, i mean she didn’t really have much of a choice 😉 At the end of the day we both couldn’t believe how many cute outfits we could come up with. Good luck building your 10/10 guys!

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