COOKING WITH KIDS: Christmas Tree Brownies


Okay you guys I’m pretty sure today’s post is just about the cutest ever! These treats are so adorable for the holidays and totally family friendly! With Christmas fast approaching, it’s great to find ways to add a holiday touch to every day recipes and today’s post is just that! With only a few added steps, turn your average batch of brownies into whimsical Christmas tree treats!

Begin by baking a pan of brownies as you typically would (from scratch, grandma’s recipe or from a box – no judgement here!). Allow them to fully cool and you’ll begin by cutting the brownies into triangle shapes rather than squares.

From here, here’s what you’ll need: Icing // Green Food Coloring // Mini Candy Canes // Sprinkles


It’s probably best to begin by adding the ‘trunk’ of the Christmas tree by snapping the curved piece off the candy cane and sticking it into the bottom of the ‘tree’. From here, you’ll want to ice the brownie. We just added green food coloring to our icing and made a DIY piping bag by scooping the icing into a ziploc bag and cutting a small corner. Ice away until you have your ‘green tree’. Now’s the really fun part – time to customize! Go crazy and decorate with whatever candies or sprinkles you like!

How adorable and easy is this?


Big thanks to Lisette Leblanc for these photos and to Sarasota Homes for allowing us to shoot in your beautiful space!

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