Dressing With Kids: DIY Halloween ‘Lumber-Jill’ Costume

With Halloween fast approaching we’re getting inspo for costumes anywhere we can including our own shop! We’re all for the superhero’s, the cartoon characters and the other halloween costumes out there for the kids but if you ask us, we think there’s something pretty great about making a costume from pieces you already own or, that you know can be worn again.

We put together the cutest “Lumber-Jill” costume with pieces from our own shop including the Doris Tulle Skirt, The Rory Shirt & The Bandana to finish off the look. Grab a toy axe & throw on a pair of tights and the look is complete!

How adorable is our little Lumber-Jill?STS Autumn 2017-109STS Autumn 2017-108STS Autumn 2017-107Photos by our own shop manager, the talented Randee Armstrong!

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