MAKE: DIY Crystal Hair Clips + 3 Ways to Wear Them!

When it comes to all things pretty + crystals, we turn to Chantelle, the talented mama of two behind Fringe + Feather. If they sound familiar, maybe it’s because we carry her fabulous bracelets and necklaces in store!

Today, Chantelle is sharing with us a great DIY that’s perfect for mamas or your littles and can be totally customized depending on your style and color preferences. She crafted up these beautiful crystal clips that can be worn 3 ways and today she’s sharing the how-to.

What You’ll Need

-Artistic Wrapping Wire (any gauge  20-26 work well) (can be found at art supply store ie Michaels)

-Wire Cutters or sharp heavy duty scissors

-Hair clip, comb, barette, large bobby pin. (can be purchased at most drug stores)

-Choice of stone(s) and/or crystal(s) (can be found at art/jewelry supply store ie Michaels or lots of choices online)

-OPTIONAL  crazy glue or other permanent adhesive (ADULT USE ONLY)THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_243The How-To

1) gather Supplies & lay out crystals/stones in a desired pattern for hair comb/clip

2) cut approx. 18inches of wire (more can be added if needed as you go)

3) start by wrapping the wire securely onto one end of the comb/clip

4) add first crystal/stone at  one end by wrapping wire around the stone and clip in a figure 8 like pattern (wire comes over stop the stone then wraps underneath the comb/clip, then back up and over the stone again, then back under the comb/clip on the other side of the stone and continue),  ensure the wire is pulled tight. Figure 8 wrap each stone 2-4 times until it feels secure.  Once the crystal/stone feels secure move onto wire wrapping the next crystal/stone with a figure 8 like pattern.

5) once the last stone has been wrapped, secure the ends of the wire by wrapping it around the comb/clip a few times.

6) OPTIONAL (ADULT USE ONLY)  for added security of stones you may add a drop of permanent adhesive to the backside of comb/clip where the wire has wrapped. Follow manufactures directions and allow to dry COMPLETELY before use.THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_244From here you’re set!

Grab a few strands of hair from each side of your face and secure in the back with the pretty crystal pin. Or, wear as the most fabulous little crystal tiara (how adorable would this be for the little ones?!). Or you could also secure a section of your hair and pull to the side for a semi-hidden crystal pin back style. Which is your favourite?THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_246THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_248THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_250

Happy DIY-ing!

Chantelle is wearing the Audrey dress (On Sale!) & Rychelle is wearing the Drew dress (On Sale!)

Huge thanks to …….

Chantelle for putting together this incredible DIY + Rachelle for modelling the clips!

Karly Ford for these gorgeous photos

Sarasota Homes for letting us use your gorgeous space for photos



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