#ReadWithTheSkinny Book Club No 1: Fierce Kingdom

“That is what you do when you have a child, isn’t it, open yourself up to unimaginable pain and then try to pretend away the possibilities.” 

If you’ve been following along with our Instagram over the past couple of weeks chances are you probably noticed an exciting new event we’re hosting at Shop the Skinny – a new monthly book club! When we were putting together the plans for our Southgate store we wanted to make sure that our store wasn’t only a place you’d want to come shop, but one that you’d all be comfortable to come visit, share laughs and enjoy great company too and what better way to do that than with a book club?!

For our first #ReadWithTheSkinny book club we chose Fierce Kingdom, a heart wrenching novel about the choices a mother must make when she finds herself locked in a zoo with her young son while a shooting occurs. The novel grapples with the struggle between self preservation and helping others, managing a young child during a crisis and making split second choices with life threatening consequences. Needless to say, it had all our hearts racing as we turned the pages of this wonderful book.

Looking for love- (3)For our first book club crew we invited a mixed group of women who were both mothers and not (a 50/50 split) and it was so interesting to discuss the way this book affected each group differently. While most of us in the group had never been to an official book club we were all so happy to actually discuss the book and we had some really incredible conversations about universal experiences that we each deal with differently.

For our next book we’ve chosen Thrive, a book about what it means to be truly successful in a society that rewards the never ending hustle, constant stress and overworked lifestyle. It should be a good one and this time, we want you to join us! Every Thursday we’ll be discussing this book on social media so read along with us and there might even be a few spots open to join us so stay tuned to our posts for more details.

Happy reading! And, what books do you think we should read next?

*Huge thanks to Karly Ford Photo for these pictures

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