GROWN UP SIPS: Vanilla Bailey Coffee

Well hello and happy tuesday from a snowy (yes, you read that right!) Edmonton! Fall is most definitely in full swing over here so today we want to share with you the perfect ‘stay indoors and keep cozy with a tasty coffee cocktail’ recipe.

Three weeks into September I’m sure all the other mamas out there could go for a little extra somethin’ somethin’ in their coffee to help survive this month of insanity and made with our very favourite, Columbian Mountain Coffee Co beans, this drink is a fast favourite around here!

This cocktail is simple and delicious, perfect for cozying up next to the fire! To prep for this the only ‘make ahead’ step is to brew a double strong pot of coffee, pour into ice cube trays and let freeze. Once that’s done you’ll place your coffee ice cubes into your cup, top with 2 ounces of baileys and half an ounce of vanilla vodka and you’re set!

Sit, sip and enjoy!THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_131THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_252THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_255THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_254THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_256THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_130

Special thanks to….

Sarasota Homes for allowing us to shoot in your gorgeous kitchen!

Karly Ford for taking these photos for us (you’re the best!)

Blush Makeup Artistry for the hair + makeup (the best glam squad!)

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