Cooking with Kids: HEALTHY GUMMY BEARS

Who doesn’t love the classic fruit gummy bear? No one. I can personally throw back about 100 of them in one sitting, which is definitely not the healthiest choice….

That’s when my gears started turning and I realized that we could probably make them at home! With 3 ingredients, it was a no brainer. Your favourite juice, a little sweetener and some gelatin. Voila! GUMMY BEARS! It was so easy, I could barely believe it myself.

AND– It was super fun to make with the kids, too! They LOVED getting involved by using the dabbers and filling the molds. It got messy, but sometimes thats the funnest part 😉

**You’ll need a great mold [we bought these molds for cheap] but these and these and these are also amazing.

Cooking with Kids: Healthy Gummy Bears

Difficulty: Super [super] Easy  || Mess Factor: Sticky + Gooey

Kid Friendly || Heck, yes!

Thanks to SPUD Organics for having all these awesome products delivered right to our doorstep! Makes cooking with kiddos just that much easier and accessible!! Also feels good knowing you’re getting the good stuff in them, too!

Erinn’s Clothing: The Dottie Dress    ||    Hair + Makeup: Blush Artistry   ||   Stunning Kitchen: Sarasota Homes1412Black Cherry OR Pomegranate OR Raspberry Lemonade Gummy Bears



  1. In a small saucepan, mix the juice & honey together and heat until it’s steaming hot and just before boiling, but not boiling. The honey will be liquified.
  2. Turn the heat to it’s lowest setting, and stir in the gelatin 1 tablespoon at a time. Make sure the gelatin is FULLY dissolved in the liquid before adding the next.
  3. Once fully dissolved, remove from the heat and use a dropper to add the liquid to your gummy mold.
  4. Put in the refrigerator to firm up. Our gummy bear molds took about 13 minutes to be firm enough to pop out.

*One batch makes about 100+ gummies, and since our molds wouldn’t fit that many, we simply reheated/melted our extra mixture over low heat and used again when our molds were empty. Store gummies in a sealed container in the fridge.16Few Notes: These gummies can be made with ANY flavour of juice, however we recommend sticking to the stronger fruit flavours for more impact. Also use 100% pure juice, no added sugars.

The kids LOVED using the droppers and filling the molds. We recommend getting them involved on this one, 100%

Work one flavour batch at a time. The gelatin sets quite fast, so it’s easier to manage one flavour at a time.

Choose the highest quality juices and gelatin for this one. When you are only using a few ingredients,  it’s smart to choose the best. Gelatin is a superfood in itself! It’s great for your gut health and very healing for your immune system, too. It’s 100% pure collagen, which is amazing for your hair, nails and skin [sign us up!].

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