Grown Up Beauty: The Simple Twist

When you want to try a look that’s a little bit different and stylish but simple enough that it won’t take too long, it can be tough to come up with fun hairstyle ideas on the fly. We’re big fans of keeping things simple, (remember this easy hair tutorial we shared earlier this summer?), so today’s easy hair inspiration is coming to you from those of us who want a cute new look without taking a ton of time.


We had Rachael (AKA the hair queen) from Blush Makeup Artistry help us out with this sweet and simple tutorial using one of our hair clips

For this tutorial you’ll need a hair clip, comb, spray and you’re set!

Leaving a 2 inch section in the front of the face for face framing, take a section of hair about 1 inch wide. Twist section backwards and grab a second section. Place second section over first twist and let go. Grab another section and do the same. Repeat until you reach the centre of the back of the head. Repeat motion on other side and place clip in the back for decoration and to hold hair. 

And that’s all! A few simple twists, clip in and you’re set with a sweet and simple ‘do!

Thanks to Karly Ford for snapping these photos for us at our incredible shoot at Sarasota Homes!




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