Dressing with Kids: MUSTARD FOR FALL

happy september everyone! i always love the changing of seasons because of the sense of a fresh start, and between sending the kids all back to school and the crunchy leaves already underfoot on the sidewalk, it’s definitely been feeling like we are transitioning to fall sooner rather than later around these parts!

speaking of new beginnings, we were SO excited to check out the skinny’s new forever home in southgate mall last week. the boys made themselves at home on the awesome velvet couch (and were so excited about the return of the blue tricycle from vacancy hall!) and i mostly walked around swooning at all of the awesome wallpaper and plants and, of course, all of the CLOTHES! the second i walked in the door, the nadia skirt in its perfectly fall mustard colour, super soft cotton and pretty ruffles basically jumped right off the rack and begged me to take it home to lila. with the crisp morning walks to school that turn into warm golden evenings in early fall, dressing the kids for the weather can be a bit tricky so i’m always looking for pieces that can be worn comfortably throughout the whole day and this one fit the bill perfectly. cole and i picked out the curious sweatshirt, which can be paired with the skirt for lila when it’s chilly AND will also be a staple in cole’s new school wardrobe (because anything that does double duty is always a plus, and curiosity is basically the cornerstone of kindergarten — win win!).

the skirt for warmer days. we had an afternoon picnic at the creek planned when we picked up lila from school and she immediately threw the skirt over her amazing tiny cottons swimsuit (that’s again doing double duty as a cute bodysuit!) and off we went.
the skirt for cooler days. chilly fall mornings call for apple cider and curling up on the couch, and throwing on a pair of woolly socks and the curious sweatshirt (with the skirt she now refuses to take off) kept lila plenty cozy.

the sweatshirt. we went out to play in the afternoon and cole made me feel the inside of the sweatshirt on my cheek just so i could enjoy how soft it was, so i knew we had a winner in his books. cute, cozy AND nobody is going to complain that it’s itchy? bingo. and for a kid whose questions rarely stop these days, ‘curious’ could not be a better fit.

i know that both of these pieces are going to be on high rotation this fall and i’m just hoping to avoid any battles about who gets to wear the sweatshirt which day πŸ˜‰

happy fall!

until next month,
xo, andrea hanki

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