[GATHER] with The Skinny: Our First Event

Well almost two weeks after the event I’m still buzzing from Shop The Skinny’s first Gather event. On January 29th as Erinn, Chelsea and I were running around hanging decor, placing food and getting our craft and play stations ready I couldn’t help but think to myself “man, this is such a cool idea”. The thought of getting 25 sets of parents and kids in one room to spend a few hours crafting, playing and connecting was the brainchild of Erinn – the owner and #boss behind Shop The Skinny.

img_9272img_8867Looking for an affordable activity to do with her own children, Erinn wanted to see more options out there than just another trip to the water park or a jungle gym. She wanted to create a space where families could come and spend quality time with their child while engaged in an activity but also creating a sense of community and I’d say the first Gather event did just that.img_8910img_8879img_9478img_9452The success of the event went far beyond the beautiful decor, the much loved temporary tattoo station (face tattoos seemed to be a big hit! haha) and the tasty food provided by SPUD Edmonton. The success of the event was truly found as you looked around to see kids running around and proudly showing off their creations. It was found in the moms getting quality one on one time with their little ones. It was found in the sense of community that was created when a group of women come together with so much love – it’s pretty amazing.img_8705img_8915img_8760img_8773img_8731img_8906img_8981For our first event we hosted a crafting workshop. We came up with a simple and modern idea for both parent + child to make. The idea behind this activity was to create something with your child that you’d actually love to hang in your home; not only because it’s modern art but also because every time you look at it, you’ll think of crafting with your child.

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest lately chances are you’ve seen these types of minimalist wall hangings. Our Creative Engagement Manager Chelsea immediately whipped one up for herself to make sure the DIY would be a good fit for our workshop and that was it – we had our first activity for Shop The Skinny’s inaugural Gather event! We wanted something easy enough for all levels of craftiness with the adults, but also being aware of the fact that kids attention spans are extremely short too! And it goes without saying, it had to have a modern vibe.img_8735img_9362img_9380img_9436img_9433img_9308We couldn’t have asked for a better day with some of our favourite friends both big and little! As you can see fun was had all around and we can’t wait to share more of the fun events we have planned for the coming months. Make sure to follow along with @gatherwiththeskinny for our upcoming event launches, giveaways and more!

Special thanks to SPUD Edmonton for providing food for us to snack on, Sweetness YEG for the both adorable and delicious cookies, Melissa from Bespoke Photography for all these awesome event pictures, Blue Hour Tea for making our vanilla creamsicle tea dreams come true and creating our own custom blend of tea (!!), Arrow Film + Photo for our upcoming event video, Bespoke Paper Goods for our beautiful floral photo backdrop, Fringe and Feather for lending us beautiful weavings for added decor and to everyone who joined us for our first event! It was magical!img_8788img_8711img_8708img_9270img_8719img_8810PS stay tuned next week when we’ll share the how-to on these modern wall hangings so you can make one for yourself right at home!




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