Cooking With Kids: Mini Banana Nutella Pizzas

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to share a simple and adorable recipe to make with your littles. Surprise your kids with these yummy treats or make them together as a family. If nutella isn’t your thing, try peanut butter or chocolate icing – make this recipe your own! Here’s what you’ll need1714We used this pizza dough mix from SPUD – it comes with everything you need so it’s very easy to use. From there, just add sliced bananas and drizzle with nutella and voila, your pizza treat is complete!

If you have a heart shaped cookie cutter or mould, use it to create the heart shape after mixing and rolling the dough. If you don’t have one don’t sweat it! Get creative and freehand a heart, these pizzas don’t need to be perfect to be delicious.

Make sure to use a fork to pierce the dough before placing it in the oven so the crust doesn’t puff up. Bake your crust according to the directions. Once the crust is done, it’s time to add the toppings. Microwave the nutella so it’s warm and drizzle over the crust. Add a layer of bananas and drizzle once more.

I know I love these pizzas and I’m sure you will too! Happy cooking!35911121816xx




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