KIDS HAIR: Quick Kids Ponytail Twist

theskinny143This Quick Kids ponytail Twist style was made for those days when you’re running out the door in the mornings, but you still want to look like a decent parent with a semi-put-together child! haha! I mean we’ve all definitely been there before, right?

Quick Kids Ponytail Twist:

Model || Millie, 4 years

Stylist || Millie’s sweet mama, Chelsea

Difficulty: Easy   ||   Mess Factor: Clean

Quick Kids Ponytail Twist [The video almost speaks for itself, but we also broke it down step-by-step]

1 ] Brush hair [you can also curl it at this point if you want]. Backcomb the top of the head to create a little volume. We loved the trick Chelsea did by spraying the backcombed portion then moulding the sprayed hair over the hairspray bottle! Brilliant!].

2] Pull hair into a low ponytail at the top of the neck.

3] Secure ponytail with a clear elastic. Make sure the elastic is not too tight, as you’ll need to create a little hole in the hair between the elastic and your babes head. Pull the tail of the pony from the top, through the hole, and down. Tighten. Voila!theskinny139theskinny136theskinny137theskinny142theskinny144

Video || Kristin B Photos

Photos || Sara Brown Photography

All Clothing || The Skinny [both Mama + Kiddo!]



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