Friday night, ladies. It’s Friday night! Grab your smokiest copper shadows and have a seat. We’re about to show you The Copper Eye, as detailed from the babeliest of babes herself, Kaitlin from Blush Artistry.

I personally feel a little ‘smokey eye’ ups the date night factor a smidgen, so when we asked Kaitlin to break down her technique for us, we couldn’t wait to share it with you all, too.

THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_178Products Needed: Eye Primer [we used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly] || Three Eyeshadows [a neutral colour, a crease colour, + a dark copper colour] || Black Liner [we used Tarte Gel Liner] || Mascara || Lashes

Step 1 || Apply eye primer. Kaitlin’s favourite product to use is MAC Paint pit in Painterly. Its a creme eye shadow but doubles up amazingly as a primer!

Step 2 || Take your neutral eye shadow colour and cover the entire eye area. This makes a soft, bendable base for the other colours.

Step 3 || Using a blending brush, blend your crease colour throughout the crease and slightly above. This adds dimension to the eyes.

Step 4 || Using a firm shading brush, place the copper eyeshadow all over the lid and slightly into the crease. You can use your blending brush to blend lightly into the crease giving the shadow the smokey eye.

Step 5 || Apply your black liner along the upper lash line. My go to liner is the Tarte Gel Liner. It’s super waterproof and glides easily onto the lid. I apply it with a precise eye liner brush. You can also use a pencil for this look. To make the look less smoked out, use a liquid liner for a more bold liner look!

Step 6 || Using a pencil brush, blend a small amount of copper shadow along the bottom lash line.THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_196Step 7 || Add liner to the waterline. The Makeup Forever Aqua Liner is my favourite to use.

Step 8 || Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Step 9 || Adhere those Lashes!!

THESKINNY_lifestyle_KFP'17_195Thanks to Kaitlin for the tips! One of our fave gals in the business! If you’d love someone to create this look for you [or to try something else, too!] reach out to Blush Artistry for more info. They have a whole team available!!!

xx Erinn

Photos || Karly Ford Photography

Hair || Blush Artistry

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