SHOP TALK: We’re at it again…

Hey friends. Erinn here.

First off, HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR! Cannot believe we’re already a week into 2018! I keep thinking time will slow down, but it just seems to speed up…but I digress, because we have some big news to share!


Yep. We know, we know – we’re as sick of moving, as you are of hearing about it. But this is no joke. Our beloved shop at Southgate Mall will be moving to….Southgate Mall!!! Lol (I’m laughing AND crying about this, if I’m being completely honest).

So here’s the deal. We truly are a small fish in a big pond and sometimes those bigger fish need more space. Essentially meaning, a bigger player is taking a few new locations down our current wing and we were asked to relocate within the mall to accommodate this change.IMG_1933IMG_1942SO now that the shock has passed through you (don’t worry. It took us a while to let it sink in, too), we want to tell you that we truly aren’t upset about this. In hindsight, we feel it may a beautiful blessing in disguise. A bit more work, sure. And we have to say goodbye to our beautiful first ‘home’, sure. But how exciting is it that we get the excuse to take all the best from our current shop and move it into our new space?! So while the move itself is unfortunate, we are very excited to start the new year in a fresh new home. And we promise it’ll be as beautiful, as our old shop was.

So here’s some details + dates that you might need to take notice of:

January 10th – Last day open + operating at our current location in Southgate Mall.

January 11th – Closed to the public for a short hiatus while we pack + renovate + fix up the new location. (If you have an order to pickup, now’s a great time to do that!).

January 16th – *Tentative RE-OPENING for our BRAND NEW LOCATION [again within SOUTHGATE MALL, just to be clear]!!!

So the last question that I’m sure is burning in your mind – where is our new location at the Southgate? Well, we’ll be located near Sears and Gap, so you can park outside the Mall entrance on 108A Street and head right into our shop!

Thanks once again for your patience, understanding and of course, your continued support.

xx The SkinnyIMG_1936-2IMG_1930

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