GROWN UP STYLE: One Scarf, Five Ways

When it comes to accessorizing, it’s always ideal to find a piece that you can wear in multiple ways and one of our favourite accessories are pretty silk scarves! These beauties are making their way into the shop (they’ll be here shortly!) so today we wanted to share 5 ways to rock a great scarf!

1. Loose Tie Around the Neck

This really couldn’t be any simpler. Loosely tie the scarf around your neck for a long, layered look. Gives the illusion of a necklace but with a pretty patterned scarf, we love it!

Skill level required = none at all! haha

STS Autumn 2017-57

2. The Unexpected Placement

Add an unexpected twist to your look by tying a long silk scarf from one of your belt loops – such a pretty accent in an unconventional way!

Skill level required = none at all!

STS Autumn 2017-58

3. The Ponytail Tie

This is such a whimsical  look that we totally adore! Tie your hair in a loose and low pony then wrap the scarf around and leave the ends trailing along. Tip: slightly curl your hair for a relaxed romantic feel.

Skill level required = Basically none, check your knot in the mirror before you go or have a friend tie it for you!

STS Autumn 2017-59

4. The Boho Inspired Tie

This is another bohemian inspired and romantic look. Loosely tie your hair in a messy bun and pull a few strands out in the front to frame your face. Wrap the scarf around your head and tie a loose knot at the base of your bun and allow the ends of the scarf to fall to the side.

Skill level required = a slight bit of skill. This one isn’t difficult, it just might take some tweaking. Pull strands out and tighten/pin your bun as needed once you have your scarf in place. This look is supposed to be messy so have some fun with it!

STS Autumn 2017-61

5. The Wrist Tie

This look takes a little more skill (and a bit of help from a friend) but the end result is a pretty bracelet look but with a silky beautiful scarf! Roll your scarf into a strip and tie around the wrist once or twice. Try your best to keep the scarf flat so the end look isn’t too bulky.

Skill level required = this is the most difficult of all of the ways and is best done by someone else. Tip: keep the scarf as flat as possible and keep it taught but not too tight. It might take a few tries but the end result is worth it!

STS Autumn 2017-60

Which of these looks is your favourite?

Photos: Randee Armstrong

Scarf: Coming Soon!

Vest: The Ophelia Vest in Camel, See also the same vest in Black!


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