Crafting With Kids: ROPE JAR ANIMALS

IMG_4042Hey Guys! Chelsea, from [GATHER] with The Skinny, here.

We have created these fun + easy rope jars for the BIG+little’s in your life! A perfect bonding summer activity and we happen to think they also make a pretty awesome place to put all those beautiful plants you are growing, too! Whatever you use them for, these adorable and minimalistic rope jars are a cinch to make and are perfect on a shelf, desk or table!

Fill them up with beautiful blooms, pencil crayons….really, almost anything! They are the cutest vessels for any of your belongings! [GATHER] with your little ones + get crafty this weekend!

crafting with kids:  ROPE JAR ANIMALS
Difficulty: Easy (but little ones may require assistance and a watchful eye for the hot glue gun portion) ||  Mess Factor: Minimal
Hot glue gun
Paper cup or glass jar
Additions [get creative here! Pom poms, tassels, pipe cleaners, etc]
1. Choose a jar or paper cup and plug in that hot glue gun of yours to warm up! Gather your supplies
2. Starting at the base of your jar or cup, add a line of hot glue circling around. Quickly apply the rope to the glue
3. Continue the glue and rope all the way around, making sure to have the rope tight together and not leaving gaps
4. Get creative! Add some tassels or poms! You can even add some coloured embroidery thread between the gaps of the rope for a pop of colour.  Try making a bear and adding two Pom Pom ears; the opportunities are endless!
5. Have fun!

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