Local Love: A Peek At Our Shop Design at Kingsway Mall

Can you believe we’ve already been at our location in Kingsway Mall for one month; where does the time go?! When we first started dreaming and scheming of our plans for our new location, we knew we wanted to incorporate as many Canadian touches as possible in our design plan.

A lot of love went into this new shop of ours and today we want to highlight some of the Canadian companies and artists we worked with to make our design dreams come true!

Let’s start with our feature wall- as soon as you walk up to the store you’re greeted with a bold green, black and brass statement wall that we just love! Canadian Company Urban Walls makes the most incredible wall decals that we adore. Given that our design plan included TONS of greenery, these Palm Branches were a perfect fit, don’t you think?!


We also wanted to include a Canadian company with the furniture we chose for displaying our clothes. The Brick (a company that first started in Edmonton!) stepped up and helped us out in a huge way! They sent us a ton of fabulous pieces from their North Avenue Collection, a Peyton table for our front entry and a cute Malpas table for some of our accessories. These pieces all fit perfectly with our eclectic design and work so well for our displays and storage! You can read a bit more about how they helped us here (before) and here (after)!


To help decorate the store we wanted to include lots of photography. We work with so many talented photographers that take the photos we use on our website and social media so we decided to use some of those photos in our store. In addition, we asked one of our favourite gals Nicole Ashley, for a few photos from her desert trips that worked perfectly with our decor plan.

For extra display and hanging, we turned to Clo’s General to whip us up a few custom leather straps in a gorgeous light tan finish. You’ll find them sprinkled throughout the shop in our dressing rooms and mixed in with our displays.



In other local love news, we’re carrying Justine Ma prints, cards, flags and more! And while her art is carried as product in her store, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we love the quirky decor touches they add also.



These are a few of the Canadian artists and companies who helped us bring our shop vision to life! We’re all about sharing the love and staying connected to our local community so we’d love it if you’d take a few minutes to check them out! And if you’re in YEG and haven’t been by yet, come check us out in person at our location at Kingsway Mall! We’re right through the front doors so you can’t miss us 😉

One thought on “Local Love: A Peek At Our Shop Design at Kingsway Mall

  1. Your new store at Kingsway Mall looks amazing as well as the stock you carry!! Bravo to the Skinny and all your staff!!


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