Crafting With Kids: Modern Wall Hanging

Well we couldn’t just share our first [GATHER] event recap and then not share the DIYs could we? We made modern, minimalist wall hangings in both big and little sizes and they’re so simple, we just had to share them with you too.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a modern minimalist hanging with the little ones in your life: wooden dowel // yarn // greenery // wooden initial // glue gun // scissors


Begin by cutting the yarn to your desired length and tying each end to an end of the dowel. You’ll then tie greenery of your choice to the dowel using another piece of yarn.

The last bit is the most fun and the part that was the best to watch at our [GATHER] event – personalizing the wooden letters! Get creative and color, paint, bedazzle and personalize the letter then use hot glue (this is the adult job of the craft!) to the dowel.

101112131415There’s no right or wrong way to do this DIY and it’s a great craft to involve your kids in. Use it in their room as fun decor and have a blast crafting together while you do it!

As I don’t  have any children, I made one for my little chihuahua Herman’s teepee! (Ridiculous, I know) Can’t you see how much he loves it! 😉 Happy crafting everyone!

53Special thanks to Bespoke Photography for the photos from our event.

And if you want to learn how to make our “grown up” modern wall hanging – head over here for that tutorial





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