Crafting with Kids: Confetti Party Poppers

Holy cow. New Years Eve is 2 days away (SAY WHAT!?!)

Luckily enough we crafted these super easy, super fun, kid tested Confetti Party Poppers for you + your kids to blow when the clock strikes midnight! POP POP!!

Thanks to Kristin, from Kristin B Photography for once again nailing the video! And thanks to Diana– our lovely Community Manager for the awesome narrative skills!

Crafting with Kids: Confetti Party Poppers

Host: Diana [The Skinny’s Community Manager]

Difficulty: Super Easy  || Mess Factor:  Middle of the line

Clothing: Erinn Cardigan + Chelsea Day Dress via The Skinny

Video: Kristin B Photography   || First Photo: Sara Brown Photography

Special Thanks to Sarasota Homes for the use of their fabulous homes to shoot these videos in!



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