Today’s share is all about spending from QT with your kiddos! And what better way is there than having a fun crafting session, especially over the holidays? Not much in our books (well, other than baking + eating. Baking + eating is pretty great too…but that’s for another video 😉 ha!)

Another thing that we’re all about here in Shop The Skinnyland are crafting items that you’d actually WANT to put out! I mean it goes without saying that anything our babies make and bring home would find a place on the mantle, but when it’s something that you go ‘holy hell, that’s awesome’, it just makes things that much easier. Am i right?! So here we’re showing you how to make these ah-mazing Modern Marbled Trees. Yep. Awesome Modern Marled Trees. Now share this link to all your homeroom teachers (you can thank us later!)

Crafting with Kids: Modern Marbled Trees

Hosts: Chase (6 years old) + Diana (our awesome community manager!)

Difficulty: Easy      ||      Mess Factor: Very

Photos + Video || Kristin B Photography      All Clothing || The Skinny [chase’s t-shirt]


1] Place paper mache cones over paper plates. This contains any mess you are about to make!

2] Using your spoon, dribble paint from the top of the cone [aka. tree!] allowing it to fall down the sides. Continue with multiple colours until the entire cone is covered and you have an awesome marbled effect.


3] Allow your painted cone to dry 24 hours.

4] Peel your dry cones [trees!] from the paper plates, and using scissors or an exacto knife, trim any excess paint from the bottom for a clean edge.


VIOLA! Modern Marbled Holiday Trees, cool enough to display!

xx Erinn

  • On a side note: A while back we commissioned the talent of videographer Kristin, from Kristin B Photography to work with us on some videos. It goes without saying how pleased we are with how these sessions of videos turned out and we cannot recommend her services enough. It’s been truly a pleasure working with Kristin and we can’t wait to do more!


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