Grown Up Talks: Working with a Brand. Also, Blogpodium.

blogpodium-0365Blogpodium. Have you heard of it? It’s essentially THE place to be this weekend…if you’re a blogger. A place where like-minded creatives gather to bounce ideas off each other, share advice + lessons learned, and most likely walk away with some new friends. And hopefully some new contracts with some new brands, if you’re really lucky.

As shop owner of The Skinny I also see the importance of an event, much like Blogpodium. Why?  To simply network the crap out of this small shop of mine. I want to get my “brand” out there and into the hands of the networking professionals who know what they are doing. The bloggers. The social media moguls. The Photographers. The Videographers. The creatives who might come up with something my over loaded brain might have not thought of (and that’s YOU!)!

On the daily I get flooded with emails, private DM’s, Facebook messages, Tweets, Tags, Texts, you name it! People who are wanting to work with a brand in exchange for free product, social media shares, or payment. They may provide photoshoots, brand recognition shout-outs, social media posts, giveaways, blah blah blah…you get the idea. Hopefully in the end, it turns into a mutually beneficial relationship! [Now Prepare yourself, I’m about to get dark] But what gets me as a brand + shop owner is quite simple….Please don’t send that email without some thought put into it!



Few tips I personally look for:

  • Present a creative idea! I love stretching the boundaries and I’m usually open to some wild ideas! So start your email with that. I truly believe that no idea is a stupid idea, so throw them at me…You never know where a shop or brand might be in their marketing phase. Personally, I’m at a point where a little thought goes a long way with working well together.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out. Sure, larger numbers means a larger audience to a brand, but personally I love to hear who’s asking! Regardless of the numbers. I might like your vibe. Your style of photography. Your sense of style. Whatever the case is, don’t be afraid to reach out. You never know what sweet spot you might hit.
  • Be yourself. I want to hear YOUR voice. I want your creative spin on it. And it’ll sound more authentic in the end to your readers and not just a sponsored post, which is beneficial to both you and the brand you’re working with.
  • Get to the point. Sure, it’s awesome hearing where you grew up but time is money as they say, so please be direct. Let me know what you are after and what you might be interested in providing to me. It’s simple really. And so effective! The fun stuff comes later on as your get to know each other more anyways.
  • Keep a deadline. I can’t list how many times I’ve worked with someone who forgets how important a timeframe is. If we’re working on an exchange system, when I send you something please get me those photos with in a reasonable timeframe….two weeks should really be suffice! In clothing, and in so many other avenues, new items and products are being brought in on a daily basis and if someone is sending you something they probably want that item featured quickly. It’s terribly important.
  • Think Creative Community. In other words, Be nice. And that doesn’t just mean locally, but I think online as well! If you’ve reached out and perhaps got a no, frankly don’t close that door! It might be bad timing, or a maxed budget, hell whatever the reason it does not hurt to check back in the future! Speak positively of each other, share good vibes and karma is sure to get you back in a positive way!

blogpodium-0304So, essentially my point is this: Blogpodium, or any space where you can get a room full of awesome creatives together, is not just for bloggers. But for everyone. Get out there and network. But for the love of it all, please put some thought into your presentation. It’ll go a lonnnng way.

And of those of you looking to work with a brand….what are you waiting for?! (my email is below!)


**Photos + Thanks || Sharon Litchfield Photography

** Special Thanks || Diana from 204 Park | Justine from With Justine | Kristina from Inspired by Lynne | Marisa from Stream & Stone

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