Introducing The Que Bottle

Have you seen a cooler water bottle than this? Nope, us neither. This is a water bottle reinvented. Not only is it, collapsable, lightweight, and available in a variety of colours to match your style, but it’s dishwasher safe, leakproof and taste + oder free.

The bottle was designed by Co-founders Jean and Kevin, after they travelled around the world attending music festivals. It was on their travels, that the they realized the amount of plastic waste that is accumulated at the venues and grounds after the shows. They worked day and night for 12 months, and soon the Que bottle was born and backed by over 13,000 people on Kickstarter.

The team at Que is committed to creating a community of sustainability which balances mindfulness, design, and exploration. With that being said, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce the lightweight + compact Que Bottles to The Skinny!



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