Summer always seems to pass in the blink of an eye and after spending an entire winter envisioning all the fun to be had it’s easy to forget a thing or two when the warm weather finally comes around. That’s why we’re big fans of the summer bucket list over here at The Skinny. A simple list of all the fun you’ve been daydreaming of all winter long. Nothing crazy, but still meeting all your summer needs! Obviously we’ve included the basics – the pool, playgrounds and city splash parks but we also threw in a couple new things to try to help really make your summer one to remember!

  1. Beach Day! -ALL day! Be sure to check the weather forecast + don’t forget the cooler!
  2. Make Homemade Lemonade! -cause who doesn’t love lemonade, right? We really want to try out this refreshing one.
  3. Take a drive somewhere new! -it can be the next town over or a full blown road trip! Just pick somewhere and go!
  4. Go for a picnic with a view of the river! -make sure to spoil yourself with your fave lunch + good company! Go all out! Pop some champagne!
  5. U-pick fresh fruit to make homemade jam! -just kidding you can just eat the fruit.
  6. Sleep in a tent! – You don’t actually have to depart into nature for this one, your backyard still counts. Bonus points for actually making it until the morning though.
  7. Tye-Dye Shirts! -This truly falls under good old fashioned summer fun! Get messy.
  8. Campfire + Smores! – because no summer bucket list is complete without smores.
  9. Find an old school Photo Booth on a rainy day! -and don’t be afraid to make a funny face!
  10. Movie Night! -whether it’s a Harry Potter Marathon or Disney movies, movie nights couldn’t be left off the list! Bonus points for stringing up a white sheet, grabbing a projector and enjoying an outdoor movie under the night sky!
  11. Find a NEW outdoor pool! -step out of your comfort zone and into cold water. We love that the new [and seriously amazing!] Borden Park Natural Pool just re-opened! Also: Mill creek is incredible during the summer, but click here for the entire YEG outdoor pool
  12. Go the entire day without your phone. -This one scares us a little, but needed a spot on this list. Do it and then tell us your secrets so we can too!
  13. Spend an entire day stopping at garage sales! -oh the treasures you’ll find!
  14. Farmers Market Veggie haul! – Make dinner (or lunch) from completely fresh produce picked by you at the farmers market!
  15. Try a new park or take a walk somewhere new every week.- you might just find your new favourite walking path.
There you have it! Everyone has a different vision for what their perfect summer is, and we’re sure you can think of a few things to add to the list to make it just right for you and your family + friends! Regardless we encourage you to make your own Summer Bucket list so you can make the most of every minute! Use your imagination and stick to it! Nothing feels better than making a Summer Bucket List, except maybe finishing one!

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