DIY Popcorn Bar & A [GATHER] Movie Night Recap

Last week we hosted our first [GATHER] since moving to Southgate and opened our doors for a FREE movie night! Can you say heck yes?!

We closed up the shop, moved a few displays, and everyone got cozy with pillows and blankets for an old fashioned movie party! We had snacks, drinks and a projector set up and the kids loved watching the movie (and a little bit of running around and playing too!)


Our favourite part of the night? The snacks, of course! We had Mini Melts bring the most delicious (and adorable) mini ice cream bits (seriously, you guys NEED to try them!) and our friends at SPUD generously hooked us up with juice, popcorn and all the fixins for a DIY popcorn bar.


Today we thought we’d share some a bit of inspiration for your own popcorn bar – grab some candies, chocolates, sprinkles, marshmellows and more! This is such a fun idea for an at home movie night snack and the kids LOVED the popcorn bar! It’s so much fun to customize what you use to your own tastes. What do you love to mix in with your popcorn?



PS big thanks to Shradha (who owns Mini Melts in Edmonton with her husband and is also a photographer!) for the photos from the event! HUGE thanks to Mini Melts for bringing ice cream for all of our attendees and thank you to SPUD for providing popcorn, mixins and drinks for everyone who came!


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