Kids Hair: Pastel Hair Chalk DIY


Another quick + easy peasy Kids Hair Tutorial, that even the youngest in ages can do!

First you’ll need to grab some chalk. Not that kind that you buy for colouring on your street, but this – non-toxic hair chalk! It’s relatively easy to find – we bought ours here at The Paint Spot in Edmonton, but you can also order this for a range of colours.

Easy Pastel Hair Chalk DIY:

Model || Millie, 4 years + Kazia, 9 years

Stylist || Millie’s sweet mama, Chelsea + Our Community Manager, Diana

Difficulty: Easy   ||   Mess Factor: Can get messy

How it’s done [the video almost speaks for itself, but we also broke it down step-by-step]

1 ] Have your kiddos hair styled as you would like it. Here we went with some curls for our little ladies. Choose your favourite colour of chalk. You’ll need a little bowl of water close by as well.

2] Start with the section of hair that you’d like coloured. Dip the chalk tip into the bowl of water and simply colour that section of hair. You may need to use a little more pressure on the chalk depending on the shade of pastel, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

3] Let dry. Style as you’d like, by either leaving it down and as is, pulling hair up into a top knot [my personal fave!], or braiding the coloured section! So many possibilities and so so so much fun!



Video || Kristin B Photography

Clothing || The Skinny

Photo || Sara Brown Photography



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