Just the Beginning…

1D7A0048 copyA friendly hello!!

Not so very long ago, The Skinny was just a figment swimming around my head. A lofty dream, with countless nights spent wide awake thinking of how I could make it happen. Just lists upon lists upon lists. Then one day, just like that – it finally happened.

Being a shop blog dedicated to all things kids + family, I didn’t really know how to open this with something other than a ‘Hello’. So this is simply that. A quick hello letting you know that I hope you’ll find some joy here.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy taking a deeper look into our minds as children’s stylists. Or share in our crafting adventures of the most amateur kind. Watch us attempt at becoming foodies but with realistic intentions built to work with kids and families. Or maybe you enjoy being an insider and hearing about our latest launch or newest releases before the going to the public….

Whatever it is that brought you here, we hope you come back each week and enjoy your time with us. In fact, we want you back. We really do enjoy your company! Please feel free to get engaged. Leave comments. Share ideas. We want to hear from you! We truly enjoy sharing and this is the space for it. So without further ado, I’d love to share this amazing behind-the-scenes video that our talented friend Melanie Madeleine completed for us when she joined The Skinny team on a recent photo-shoot!! And man oh man, She nailed it. She captured the essence of our day, the essence of our team, and the essence of The Skinny.

Behind the scenes with THE SKINNY. from Melanie Madeleine on Vimeo.



Owner + Operator || The Skinny


4 thoughts on “Just the Beginning…

  1. So looking forward to checking in on the blog, I’ve nice your old one for awhile! Best wishes to you and The Skinny.


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