Valentine’s Day : Gift Guide

So, Valentine’s Day is approaching fast… and you totally forgot about it.

Y’know what? It’s okay!! It’s been a tough year! You don’t know what month it is? I get it! You feel like you’ve been asleep for one year? Same!! But, now that the holidays are over and we apparently have 6 more weeks of winter to endure (that darn Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow), I think we ought to take the time to properly celebrate the day of love with some giving and care.

To help you out – here’s a 2021 LAST MINUTE Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!!

  1. Mast Chocolates
    • What says day-of-love better than chocolate? Nothing. These chocolates are perfect in their elevated simplicity. With flavours ranging from lavender to raspberry, and options for the dairy-sensitive or vegan – this is a splendid and delectable choice!
    • Ethically made in the USA, Organic, Kosher, made with ethically sourced cocoa from the Kokoa Kamili organisation
  2. Boy Smells Pride Candle
    • These are not your everyday department store candles. Frankly, I don’t think I’ve ever smelt anything like any of them. Each scent is unique and unapologetic – they toy with the notions of masculine and feminine norms and are a necessary staple for every home. These are candles everyone can enjoy, shamelessly.
    • Dyed coconut and beeswax blend with braided cotton wick
    • This candle supports the Trevor Project, 15% of all gross profits go to the organisation
  3. The Love In House Print
    • Some words of wisdom from sir Tom Waits himself: “If there’s love in a house, it’s a palace for sure.” A fantastic daily affirmation, need I say more?
  4. The Rosey-Posey Valentine’s Day Gift Set
    • My my, this gift set is ~d r e a m y ~. Each item in this bundle (the Rosey Posey Fizzy Salt Soak and the Rosey Posey Soap if you’re looking to grab them separately or if you’re looking for different options!) packs a punch of loveliness! They are scented to mimic a fresh bouquet of roses and make your bathroom smell like a rose garden in new bloom. The soap is not only meant to mimic a rose through olfactory sensation, but through touch as well. The products leave your skin feeling as soft and delicate as a petal, and come alongside a silicone soap tray which helps keep the soap fresher, longer.
    • Ethically made in the USA, Vegan, Cruelty free, Preservative Free
  5. The Carolyn Suzuki Cards
    • Artful indie cards for your babe AND your galentine!! These adorable vehicles for hidden sentiments are deigned by LA native Carolyn Suzuki, who celebrates the joy and diversity in human experience through her art.
    • Made in the USA, all cards are printed on a recycled blend paper with FSC (Forest Stewardship Certified) and Green-e Certified cover paper
  6. The Accordion Cards (Love Styles)
    • Finding the right greeting card is all about knowing what you’re trying to say. There are loves of all kinds, and relationships of all types, and sometimes the best way to say something is with a touch of humour! Here are the perfect cards for this kind of love.
    • Made in the USA
  7. The Valentine Sweet Surprise Sugar Cube Set
    • This delicious set is made for bath lovers and shower-preferers alike! Although it looks and smells like turkish delight (lokum) this set is NOT edible. It is, however, ideal for working through rough and dry patches of skin with finesse! Included in this set are 9 different exfoliating cubes, all with different blends and scents.
  8. The Chez Gagne Cards (Love Styles)
    • These cards are perfect for those who prefer short, clever, and occasionally brash statements on the outside – so that they can fill the inside with something more tailored and personal. They give you a vessel by which to write your own short & sweet sentiment or where to pour your heart out. The choice is yours!
  9. The Power Couples Sweatshirt
    • Have you got yourself a fan of the sit-coms? Someone who has cried at every end-of-series wedding? Then this is the piece you’re looking for! Many of the most iconic on-screen couples all represented on one comfy crewneck – what more could you want?
  10. Amara Blue Jewellery
    • These pieces are just so…CUTE and FUN. They’re made with high quality metals (sterling silver and 14k gold fill) and will not tarnish. You can find an array of unique designs – from boobs and bodies, to mountain scapes and pinky-promises – to fit your giftee. These necklaces have their own statements!
    • Made in Vancouver, BC
  11. The Love People Well T-Shirt
    • I believe this T speaks for itself: Love People Well. This soft piece is both stylish and comfortable, and an absolutely gorgeous colour to boot.
  12. Modern Opus Dainty Rings
    • Delicate rings are always a welcome and lovely addition to any jewellery box. The femininity and subtlety of the designs evokes a sense of softness, comfort, and stability. They are beautiful without needing to call attention to themselves. These are a desirable, and cost-effective gift for anyone you are looking to spoil with something that is simply *pretty*.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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