MAKE: Modern Holiday Candle Holders

We’re officially entering the holiday season and today we’re sharing a simple DIY that takes only a few materials and just minutes to make! Plus, this is a really great one to involve the kids in too because it’s totally customizable and very easy to throw together quickly.

We’ve all seen those gorgeous images on Pinterest of the Scandinavian glass bottles with the greenery and candles and today we’ve made our own! Here’s what you need…



SUPPLIES: Glass Bottles (juice bottles, kombucha bottles and syrup bottles work well for this) // Simple Candles // Greenery of choice // Scissors


To start, make sure your glass bottles are empty, washed and dried. Gather your greenery of choice, trim a few branches and leaves and place them into the glass bottle. You may want a pair of tweezers close by in case you want to adjust the greenery at all once it’s in the bottle.

Once the greenery is placed in the bottle, you can place the candlestick in the top of the bottle and you’re set! You may need to use a butter knife to shave down the end of the candle to fit into the bottle if necessary.

How simple is that?! Really you could place almost anything in the glass bottles – fake snow, small ornaments and other holiday decor touches would all look great so have fun with it!

Happy DIY-ing!


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