GROWN UP TALK: Business is f-ing hard

1D7A5794Hey guys! You still around??

While I didn’t know how to begin this post I feel that the best way is to just to level with you all for a minute. I’ve been a shit. The last 7 months of running The Skinny has certainly been a quiet one. It’s taken a big pause and for that I’m sorry.

When I first started this journey, this adventure of business ownership, I did it carefree without much worry or struggle. I had a lovely and very creative business partner taking beautiful images of our kids, your kids and all dressed in our clothes. We wholesale from amazing companies, some smaller and relatively unknown, to larger and with a heavy following and I remember the days of just being accepted as ‘an authorized wholesaler’ with pride. I remember our very first lookbook photo shoot and the total chaos that ensued [sorry, Michelle + Kids!! haha]. I remember our launch and all the amazing support from photographers, bloggers, friends and family we received those first few hours following into those first few days, and thinking “holy shit! We got this!”. Honestly, I thought owning a business was a piece of cake. AND I just had twins!

Then those days turned into weeks, into months, and soon I found myself planning our upcoming 1 year “shop opening” event. From there things get a little more messy…and real life started to kick in.

My business partner, due to life circumstances, dropped out. No hard feelings, no fall outs, no juicy fights to fuel the gossip trains – just plain old life happened. Personal issues and decisions she had to make for which I admire her immensely for. Its something that I understand but haven’t really shared with you all. So there you have it…I am and have been running this ship solo. However, with her leaving it left me with an open wound. An uncertainty for which I still sometimes struggle with. Self doubt. Loneliness. A feeling of helplessness at times that can swallow you whole. It was a pretty unsure time for a while there with the direction of where to take The Skinny. And to top to all off, my maternity leave ended. When it rains, it really pours right?

Which brings me to this post. This was not about feeling sorry for myself or needing pity. It is about an apology to all the supporters of The Skinny. I’ve been working full-time for the past 7 months, struggling at the best of times to keep things afloat on this end. I’m sorry if your orders shipped later than usual. If I haven’t been posting enough on Instagram or returning your emails quicker. I’m sorry for the lack of shoots, and products, and shop hours. I’ve been on absolute burnout for the past few months between mothering my 3 small kids, working both full-time jobs, and just trying to find a second to myself. It’s a been a struggle more than you could know. Owning a business is fucking hard work. The hardest I’ve ever known. With your heart on your sleeve every single bloody day. But man, I truly thank you all for sticking with me because as of today, I am here. Working at The Skinny full-freaking-time [yep!!]] and it feels amazing. Without sharing too many secrets, The Skinny is getting an overhaul. I’m happy to announce that we will be open with regular hours increased substantially Tuesday through to Saturday while staying cozy at Vacancy Hall [104 street & 104 avenue], we’ll be bringing in mini launches and larger seasonal launches more frequently, along with a very new direction too! But more on that later….So many changes and so much to look forward too!

The next is going to be pretty damn amazing, I promise you that. And I hope you enjoy where The Skinny is headed….


ps. because you made it this far, enjoy 20% off your next order with the code: NEWSTART until May 26th!

photo credit: Paula Scherr Photography

10 thoughts on “GROWN UP TALK: Business is f-ing hard

  1. Hey love! I know what you’re going through. I started my photography business when my girls were tiny. Do what you need to do for you and your family first and feel no guilt. The clothes you’ve chosen are super beautiful and I’m looking forward to going home and ordering from you!! 45% duty to have stuff shipped here. I especially want the Lila skirt.

    Chin up and you’re doing an amazing job!!



  2. You’ll do great Erinn, now that you have more time to focus on the Skinny!! Keep up the good work!👍😃


  3. the amount that you’d been able to accomplish since going back to work has pretty much blown my mind pal! and let me assure you, from the outside it’s looked like all sunshine and rainbows. you’ve been moving and shaking plenty! can’t wait to see where this new chapter takes you. all the love ❤


  4. Erinn! You did it!! I told you before how much I admire you. And while I’m sure it will be hard and there will be more uncertainty and maybe one or three sleepless nights, I am absolutely and completely convinced you, and The Skinny, are well on your way to incredible success.


  5. Your post spoke volumes to me. Thanks for being awesome 24/7 and for sharing in your journey of business and struggle. You know mine all too well! hahah It’s wild out there. but you got this<3


  6. Girl. I admire people like you. I run a blog and a small tribe and it’s hard. Marriage is hard. Momming is hard. Girl-bossing is hard. And you’ve made through. Wow! I’m glad you posted this. People think it’s a walk in the park getting to pursue your passion and creativity. It’s not. But it’s worth it.


  7. As a new small business owner I have to give you a HELL YEAH! I’m working full time, being a mom, wife and small business owner. It’s nice to see others admit that it really is hard fucking work! So good on you lady, keep it up, I have yet to come to your store, but would just love to have your Erinn sweater in my shop. Do you wholesale? Gorgeous work…Marina


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